Collège de l'Île, the only French-language postsecondary institution on Prince Edward Island, provides college programming in partnership with other training institutions such as the Collège Communautaire du Nouveau-Brunswick.

Besides its main facility in Wellington (virtual visit of the Wellington centre), to better serve its clients the Collège also has training centres in Charlottetown, at 295 Kent Street, and at the Centre scolaire communautaire de Prince-Ouest in DeBlois. Regular programming is accessible through all three training centres, but some courses and programs require students to be on site with the instructor. To the extent possible, theory courses are accessible in all the training centres. All three centres are equipped with videoconference systems and computer networks to facilitate distance learning.

Continuing education and language training can be offered in the three training centres mentioned above, as well as in Summerside, Rustico and East Kings.

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