Our Financial Partners

Key Partner

Holland College is our key postsecondary institution partner and our partnership was officially launched in April 2017. The overarching agreement currently includes the following specific areas: admissions, programs and equivalent courses, recruitment and student services. We are also exploring collaborating in other areas, including a cultural partnership with the School of Performing Arts (SoPA).

Through this partnership, Collège de l’Île students have access to Prince of Wales Campus facilities such as the gym, the cafeteria, the library, etc. Our students also have access to medical and dental insurance through the Holland College Student Union. For their part, Holland College students can take French language training with Collège de l’Île at a discount.

Additionally, both institutions offer courses in English and French in the same time slots in two programs: Early Childhood Care and Education and Human Services. Students from both institutions then have the option of taking these courses in either English and French.

Our Institutional Development and Training Partners


CNFS at Collège de l'Île

CNFS is a pan-Canadian consortium of eleven colleges and universities offering programs in French in various healthcare disciplines. This strategic alliance, made possible with the contribution of Health Canada, is helping to increase the presence and contribution of Francophone healthcare professionals and researchers in order to provide and improve quality French-language healthcare services adapted to the needs of minority Francophone communities. Collège de l'Île's membership in CNFS helps to improve access to and development of programs of study in the healthcare field for Acadians, Francophones and immersion students on PEI. CNFS at Collège de l'Île offers three programs related to health and human sciences:

  • Human services worker – 2 years
    • Option: children /adolescents
    • Option: youth in difficulty
  • Resident care worker – 32 weeks
  • Licensed practical nurse – 2 years

CNFS at Collège de l'Île wants to increase its capacity to train healthcare professionals in French in order to meet the needs of minority Acadian and Francophone communities on Prince Edward Island and elsewhere in the country.

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