(Length: 60 hours)

This course follows DÉV142-09. In their work, educators or interveners have to foster the overall development of the children in their care. Development follows predictable sequences and stages common to all children. Each child has a personal rhythm of development and unique characteristics.

This course emphasizes the importance of systematically observing the behavior of children of different ages. It allows educators or interveners to stimulate the development of the children's capacities as a whole; to make observations to parents, orally or in writing; to make sure that the children maintain what they have learned; to note or report anecdotes in their personal files; to express opinions using appropriate assessment tools and to intervene properly with special needs children.

Services for children aged 6 to 12 are currently not as well known, but the need for services still exists. Whether to supervise these children at lunchtime, improve the quality of extracurricular activities or provide more flexible services for single-parent families or parents who work irregular hours, there is an increasing demand to make childcare services for this age group more accessible. However, to get high-quality services parents demand educators who can meet the specific needs of this age group, offering an educational program that matches their level of development, interests and needs.