The objective of this policy is to set guidelines for transferring credits from another institution for equivalency to one or more courses at Collège de l'Île

The procedure applies to all training programs at Collège de l'Île It begins when a learner who has been admitted to the Collège presents an official application for equivalency to have a courses from another institution recognized as equivalent to a course at Collège de l'Île It ends when the indication ÉQ is added to the academic transcript or the application is rejected.

  • All learners who feel that they have already taken one or more courses equivalent to courses in the program in which they are enrolled may submit an application for equivalency by completing the equivalency form (Appendix 1). This official application must be submitted to the Coordinator, Admissions and Student Services, no later than ten (10) working days after receipt of the course outline.

  • Only a course or courses on which the learner has obtained a grade equal to or exceeding the pass mark for the program concerned at CAÎPÉ may potentially be recognized. For some courses, no application for equivalency will be considered.

  • Only a course or courses the content of which is at least 70% of that of the course for which equivalency is requested may potentially be recognized. As well, the course must have been taken in the past 10 years, or more recently in certain fields.

  • The application must be accompanied by all the supporting documents (transcripts, course outline). Learners themselves are responsible for obtaining these documents from the educational institution where they took the training.

    Learners who feel that they need help to complete their applications can contact L'ARC, Collège de l'Île's help centre.

  • The person assigned to study the application will do a preliminary analysis (Appendix 2) and submit it to the course instructor and the Vice-President for approval.

  • The examination is complete when the abovementioned three persons have signed Appendix 2. The result will then be communicated to the learner by the Coordinator, Admissions and Student Services.

  • Learners can expect to get the result of the examination within ten (10) working days of receipt. They must continue to take the course until receiving the response.

  • No fees are normally charged for studying an application for equivalency. However, the Collège reserves the right to charge processing fees for credits obtained outside Canada or in a non-accredited institution.

  • The maximum number of equivalency credits accepted varies among programs. Learners can obtain further details from the Coordinator, Admissions and Student Services.

  • Learners who cannot meet the requirements of an application for equivalency may avail themselves of recognition of prior learning. The relevant policy is available from the Coordinator, Admissions and Student Services.