Choosing Collège de l'Île means choosing a top-quality education that uses the most recent technology. We pay close attention to identifying individual needs so that you can gain the skills and abilities that are essential to finding a job quickly.

Quality Programs
At Collège de l'Île, you'll find quality programs that meet your needs, develop your knowledge and skills and prepare you to meet the challenges of the job market, in a stimulating learning environment.

Advantage of Studying in French
The Collège offers programs in French that fill the need of employers and provide an excellent avenue for anyone who wants to study in French to improve their language skills. Being bilingual has major advantages for work and improves opportunities for career advancement. Some employers are looking for people who can speak both French and English in order to be able to serve their market.

Training to Meet Labour Market Demand
The Collège offers regular programs, made-to-measure training and training geared to the labour market. 

Many Scholarships to Assist You
Collège de l'Île offers a multitude of scholarships every year to help you to pay for your studies. To see a full list of the scholarships available, click here.

L'ARC Resource Centre
L'ARC is Collège de l'Île's resource centre. It is at your disposal to provide individual assistance in all sorts of areas, including literacy to help you read, count and learn better, or to help you to succeed in our courses or in everyday life. You can also use L'ARC Resource Centre for help in developing the essential abilities and skills that employers are looking for the most. For more details on the L'ARC Resource Centre, click here.

An Excellent Student-Teacher Ratio
The Collège provides an excellent student-teacher ratio in order to coach all its students for success. Because Collège de l'Île is a small institution, instructors can give students individual attention with a personalized approach.

Several Facilities to Serve You
With three training centres, DeBlois, Wellington and Charlottetown, the Collège offers a stimulating learning environment that uses the latest technology.

Use of Technology
The Collège uses technology as an innovative tool in support of learning. Technologies used include videoconferencing, Web platforms, SMART Boards and iPads.