Before starting your program at the Collège, you have an opportunity to enrol in an intensive course to learn French at Collège de l'Île This additional training is for a maximum of 20 weeks and takes place at the Collège. An assessment before you arrive will be used to determine what level you are at and how long your training will last.

The digital portal is accessible via the Internet, so students can begin their language training in their own country and finish up in a immersion session in the months preceding the start of their college program.

You have to attain Level 8 to succeed at college programs. Following the initial language assessment, the Collège will advise the student how many modules need to be completed. International students have to complete modules 1 to 3 through distance learning in their own country. Modules 4 to 8 may be completed in an immersion program at the Collège, or through distance learning. Since the immersion program on site at the Collège is enriched with cultural and recreational in the activities community, the Collège recommends this approach to reinforce language learning.

Fees and deadlines

Offered as immersion classes from June to September each year at a cost of $550 per module.
(5 modules = $2,750)
1st payment (March 1): Maximum $1,375
2nd payment (May 15): Maximum $1,375

Contact person:
Gabrielle Cornet, Admissions Coordinator
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Telephone: 1-877-854-3010
 1-902-854-3010 ext. 241