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1 year

This program prepares students for performing accounting duties such as preparing and processing invoices to and from suppliers and clients, preparing budgets along with other related duties.

These professionals support the work of managers, directors and senior management in the private, public and community sectors.

This programme is offered either as a francophone program or as a bilingual program (French/English). 

  • High school diploma or its equivalent;
  • Extract of criminal record;
  • Language certification in French and/or English, depending on the program you choose.
  • Level B2 or Level 12 (LRDG) in English is required for the bilingual program.
➡️ For more information on the application process, required documentation and language levels, please refer to the "Admissions" section of our website.



Tuition fees: $6,251

⬇️ What the tuition fees include:

• Tuition: $5,076
• Confirmation fee: $500
• Student fee: $155
• Graduation: $100
• Health & dental insurance: $420

*Additional fees: Textbooks and supplies, $300 to 500.


Tuition fees: $11,451

⬇️ What the tuition fee includes:

• Tuition: $5,076
• Confirmation fee: $500
• Student fee: $155
• Graduation: $100
• Health & dental insurance (mandatory): $420
• Private health insurance (mandatory): $700
• International fee: $4,500

*Additional fees: Textbooks and supplies, $300 to 500.

COURSES - Courses are taught in French, unless indicated otherwise.


INF191 - Word Processing

In this course, the student will learn different basic and intermediate editing techniques with Word: using the new ribbon, finding and replacing text, working with text blocks, fonts and text effects, formatting pages and paragraphs, use and reproduce the different document templates, add tables and images; insert Excel data, smart art objects and charts. In addition, the student will learn to produce indexes and tables of contents. These notions will be consolidated during the layout of various documents found in the business world.

COM193 - Professional Communication

In this course, the student will acquire the skills necessary to communicate professionally in an office work context, in order to meet the requirements of the field: reception, handling of calls and complaints, business conversation, teamwork and formal presentation.

DAC191 - Speed and Accuracy

Using Tap Touch and Word softwares, students will learn to produce texts in Canada's two official languages, French and English. The aim of the course is to reach a typing speed of 30 words per minute in timed exercises. In addition, the student will learn standard typing fingering.

CPT191 - Accounting I

This course aims to equip students with the skills necessary to enable them to systematically record and organize all data in order to obtain reliable financial information. It is intended for anyone interested in the operation of accounting data processing and the usefulness of accounting in service and commercial companies.

ANG191 - Introduction to Writing Fundamentals

The course (taught in English) focusses on the basic rules of grammar, sentence structure, punctuation, spelling, choosing the correct verb form, subject-verb agreement and pronoun-antecedent agreement. Writing paragraphs and essays will also be practiced as well as editing and proof-reading.

⚠️ B2 / Level 12 (LRDG) in English is required to take this course.

DEV191 - Personal and Professional Development

This course will allow learners to develop self-knowledge and understanding, as well as to acquire, according to different approaches, the following personal and professional skills: self-esteem, motivation, establishment and goal achievement, time management, stress and anxiety management, communication, cooperation, and personal and professional ethics. The students will be invited to share their opinions and experiences relating to learning.

FIN191 - Business Mathematics

This course will allow students to develop the ability to solve mathematical problems encountered in business practice. At the end of the course, the students will possess the tools and the knowledge to participate in the resolution of various problems that have an impact on the financial decisions of the company.


AFF293 - Business Meetings

This course presents the different stages of planning and carrying out the different tasks surrounding the organization and conduct of meetings. The drafting and layout of documents specific to these activities are also covered.

GES293 - Introduction to Human Resource Management 

The content of this course reflects the evolution of human resource management in recent years. It takes into account the challenge of bringing together employees of different generations and cultures, with specific characteristics, values and expectations; the scope of employee engagement; and the importance of healthy and effective management of cognitive and relational conflicts.

CPT192 - Computerized Accounting I

During this course, the student will acquire the skills necessary for the systematic recording and organization of all the data in order to obtain reliable financial information. It is intended for anyone interested in understanding how accounting data processing works and the usefulness of accounting in service and commercial companies.

INF192 - Electronic Spreadsheet

This course presents the input technique when entering numerical data. The student is introduced to the basic and intermediate functions of spreadsheet software, by applying learning activities related to the field of business. He/she learns to create and print spreadsheets, reports and charts whose layout meets labor market requirements.


In this course, the student will go over the income tax laws and, in concrete situations, will complete income tax returns for various taxpayers as well as for self-employed workers.

CPT193 - Accounting II

In this course, the student will explore balance sheet items and the relationship between these and other financial statements. In addition, he will learn to maintain a system of receivables and payables and will be able to apply adjustments for the provision of receivables.

COM192 - Administrative Writing

At the end of this course, the learner will have developed effective writing techniques and will be able to apply the rules of business style. He/she will be able to develop different writing plans to then write commonly used business documents. His writings will have to take into account the communication situation, the functioning of the discourse, the functioning of the language and the epistolary protocol.

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