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1 year

This program prepares students for performing administrative duties such as business writing, basic accounting, preparing presentations and office management. These bilingual professionnals support the work of managers, directors and senior management in the private, public and community sectors.



  • High school diploma or its equivalent
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*Tuition and fees: $4,754

➡️ What is included in tuition and fees:
All courses in the program, health and dental plan, student association, graduation, first aid training, mental health first aid training, Insights Discovery training, WHMIS.

Other fees for which the student is responsible⬇️
Books and other course resources: $300 to $500 (These costs are approximate.)
International students: $3,250

*Most recent update: June 15, 2019

 - Courses in French only unless indicated otherwise

FRA111 - Français appliqué (45 heures)

ANG191 -
Introduction to Writing Fundamentals (45 heures)

CPT191 -
Comptabilité I (90 heures)

INF191 -
Traitement de textes (45 heures)

FIN191 -
Mathématique des affaires (36 heures)

DEV191 -
Développement personnel et professionnel (45 heures)

COM193 -
Communication professionnelle (45 heures)

DAC191 -
Vitesse et précision (30 heures)

COM192 -
Rédaction administrative (60 heures)

CPT192 -
Comptabilité informatisée (45 heures)

INF192 -
Chiffier électronique (45 heures)

AFF192 -
Administration publique et culture patrimoniale (45 heures)

BUR191 -
Bureautique (30 heures)

DAC192 -
Vitesse et précision II (30 heures)

AFF293 -
Réunion d'affaires (45 heures)

ANG192 -
Business English (45 heures)

STG191 -
Stage en milieu de travail (225 heures)

Most recent update: August 20, 2020