Length: 2 years

The Business Administration Program opens the doors to many exciting careers in the management world. This Program provides the opportunity to access positions in the administration of provincial and federal government offices. Entry positions are highly diversified and provide the opportunity for rapid progress within the administration. The Business Administration Program also gives you the skills to start your own business. For people who want to be their own boss, this program can be their stepping stone.

Diverse options

This Program immediately opens the doors in diverse fields, such as :

  • Office management
  • Accounting clerk
  • Entrepreneur
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Financial agent
  • Program agent
  • Payroll agent

Some key characteristics and skills of a graduate of a Business Administration Program:

  • Attention to details
  • Technical skills
  • Interpersonal skills developed
  • Fluency in English and French.
  • Customer service approach
  • Reliable advisor to senior management



Internships are a very important component of learning. This practical training provides a practical, intensive and supervised experience, in which the student will develop the necessary skills for the business world. Applying the knowledge acquired in the workplace is an essential aspect of the Program. Workplace internships allow the student to implement the diverse skills, but it is also an incredible opportunity to network with potential employers.



  • High school diploma or its equivalent

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➡️ What is included in tuition and fees:

All courses in the program, health and dental plan, student association, graduation, first aid training, mental health first aid training, Insights Discovery training, WHMIS.

➤ YEAR 1
*Tuition and fees:  $5345
Other fees for which the student is responsible ⬇️
Books and other course resources : 300 $ to 500 $ (These costs are approximate.)
International students: 3 250 $

➤ YEAR 2
*Tuition and fees: $4754
Other fees for which the student is responsible ⬇️
Books and other course resources : 300 $ to 500 $ (Ces soûts sont approximatifs.)
International students: 3 250 $

* Most recent update: 01 July 2021


Fall Semester

(15 Weeks September – December) 6 courses

  • Language learning
  • Accounting I
  • Customer service
  • Electronic spreadsheet
  • Word processing
  • Speed and precision I
  • Professional communication

Winter Semester

(15 Weeks January – April) 6 courses

  • Language learning
  • Accounting II
  • Introduction to human resource management
  • Office automation
  • Office management
  • Speed and precision II
  • Personal and professional development



Fall Semester

(15 Weeks September – December) 5 courses

  • Accounting
  • Project management
  • Professional communication
  • Business meetings
  • Taxes

Winter Semester

(15 Weeks January – April) 5 courses

  • Integration project
  • Administrative drafting
  • Administrative law
  • Financial management
  • Information management


Spring Semester (6 weeks April - June) with a final 6 week internship


5 Specialized Certifications

  • Insights Discovery Training
  • Microsoft Certification
  • First aid
  • Mental Health First Aid
  • OHS – SAF

Most recent update: 01 July 2021