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This program prepares students for offering nursing care and services to a varied clientele. These healthcare professionals work in hospitals, long-term care facilities, rehabilitation centres, medical clinics as well as home healthcare agencies.

Collège de l'Île has two campuses: in Wellington (western area of PEI) and in Charlottetown (the provincial capital). Regular programming is offered in both campuses. We use videoconferencing, and more specifically the Vidyo system, to offer courses in all our programs. For the Practical Nursing program, the nursing laboratory is located in Wellington. If you are taking theoretical courses at the Charlottetown campus, you will need to travel by your own means to the Wellington campus for your laboratory work.

Organization: Association of New Brunswick Licensed Practical Nurses (ANBLPN); this accreditation is recognized by the College of Licensed Practical Nurses of Prince Edward Island (CLPNPEI).

The Practical Nursing program is accredited by the ANBLPN. Is it considered an equivalent to CCNB's Practical Nurse program. The program accreditation requires students to pass all courses with a mark of 75% in order to be eligible to write the Canadian Practical Nurse Registration Examination (CPNRE). Passing the exam authorizes them to be licensed to practice the profession. The fees for the national exam are the responsibility of the student.

A partnership agreement between CCNB and Collège de l'Île leads to the issue of dual diploma.



  • High school diploma or its equivalent;
  • Criminal record check;
  • Proof of a medical examination and immunization record prior to the start of the program;
  • Successful completion of one additional science from the following: Biology 11 or 12, Chemistry 11 or 12, Physics 11 or 12;
  • Successful completion of Academic Mathematics 11 or 12;
  • As this program is bilingual, a language level certificate in French and English is required (if applicable).
➡️ For more information on the admissions process, required documentation, and required language levels, please see the "Admissions" section.




Tuition fees: $6,219

⬇️ What is included in this fee:

• Tuition: $5,144
• Confirmation fee: $500
• Student fee:  $155
• Health & dental insurance: $420


Tuition fees: $11,419

⬇️ What is included in this fee:

• Tuition: $5,144
• Confirmation fee: $500
• Student fee: $155
• Health & dental insurance (mandatory): $420
• Private health insurance (mandatory): $700
• International fee: $4,500



Tuition fees: $4,891

⬇️ What is included in this fee:

• Tuition: $5,640
• Laboratory fees: $200
• Student fee: $155
• Graduation: $100 
• Health & dental insurance: $420 


Tuition fees: $11,515

⬇️ What is included in this fee:

• Tuition: $5,640
• Laboratory fee: $200
• Student fee: $155 
• Graduation: $100
• Health & dental insurance (mandaotry): $ 420
• Private health insurance: $700
• International fee: $4,500

 - Courses in French only unless indicated otherwise

➡️ This course list in effect as of December 2018.

ANT1048 -
Principes d'anatomie et de physiologie (70 heures)

NCSI1131 -
approche globale de la santé (30 heures)

HCSS1079 -
Introduction à la formation et à la profession en soins infirmiers auxiliaires (45 heures)

PHMC1016 - Introduction à la pharmacologie (30 heures)

RELA1124 -
Communication profesionnelle en soins de santé (40 heures)

PSYC1084 -
Croissance et développement de la personne (30 heures)

NCSI1132 -
Principes théoriques liés aux soins de base (45 heures)

NCSI1134 -
Laboratoire de procédés de soins de base (45 heures)

NCSI1093 -
Principes de tenue de dossie et rédaction des notes cliniques en soins infirmiers (30 heures)

NCSI1133 -
Soins infirmiers à la personne âgée en perte d'autonomie (30 heures) ➡️ Préalables NCSI1131, PSYC1084, RELA1124

NCSI1144 -
Physiopathologie et soins infirmiers I (155 heures) ➡️ Préalables ANAT1048, NCSI1131, HCSS1079, RELA1124, NCSI1093, PHMC1016

NCSI1147 -
Laboratoire de procédés infirmiers I (75 heures) ➡️ Préalables NCSI1134, CER107

NCSI1143 -
Stage d'exploration - soins infirmiers auxiliaires (37,5 heures) ➡️ Préalables HCSS1079, CER107, RELA1124

NCSI1161 -
Stage d'application - gériatrie (112,5 heures) ➡️ Préalables HCSS1079, NCSI1132, NCSI1134, CER107, NCSI1133

NCSI1148 -
Physiopathologie et soins infirmiers II (100 heures) ➡️ Préalable NCSI1144

NCSI1149 -
Laboratoire de procédés infirmiers II (45 heures) ➡️ Préalable NCSI1147

NCSI1151 -
Stage d'application - médecine et chirurgie I (75 heures) ➡️ Préalables CER105, NCSI1161, NCSI1148, NCSI1149, CER110

NCSI1135 -
Intégration des apprentissages en soins infirmiers auxiliaires I (30 heures) ➡️ Préalables NCSI1148, NCSI132, NCSI1133, CER107, NCSI1149

 - Courses in French only unless indicated otherwise

NCSI1045 - Soins infirmiers en santé mentale (45 heures) ➡️ Préalable NCSI1135

NCSI1150 -
Physiopathologie et soins infirmiers III (90 heures) ➡️ Préalable NCSI1135

Laboratoire de procédés infirmiers III (45 heures) ➡️ Préalable NCSI1135

NCSI1136 -
Santé communautaire et soins infirmiers à domicile (30 heures) ➡️ Préalable NCSI1135

NCSI1054 -
Stage d'exploration - milieu communautaire (37,5 heures) ➡️ Préalables NCSI1136, CER105

NCSI1152 -
Stage d'application - médecine et chirurgie II (187,5 heures) ➡️ Préalables NCSI1150, NCSI1160, NCSI1151

NCSI1048 -
Soins infirmiers en pédiatrie (60 heures) ➡️ Préalables NCSI1150, NCSI1160

NCSI1047 -
Soins infirmiers en périnatalité (45 heures) ➡️ Préalable NCSI1150

NCSI1158 -
Projet communautaire en soins infirmiers auxiliaires (30 heures)

NCSI1055 -
Stage d'application - psychiatrie (75 heures) ➡️ Préalables CER108, CER106, NCSI1045

NCSI1052 -
Stage d'application - pédiatrie (37,5 heures) ➡️ Pédiatrie NCSI1048

NCSI1096 -
Stage d'application - périnatalité (37,5 heures) ➡️ Préalable NCSI1047

NCSI1153 -
Stage d'application - médecine et chirurgie II (150 heures) ➡️ Préalable NCSI1152

NCSI1139 -
Intégration des apprentissages en soins infirmiers auxiliaires III (45 heures) ➡️ Préalables CER101, CER110, NCSI1052, NCSI1055, NCSI1096, NCSI1136

NCSI1153 -
Stage d'application - suite de médecine et chirurgie III (37,5 heures) ➡️ Préalable NCSI1152

NCSI1056 -
Stage d'intégration - soins infirmiers auxiliaires (150 heures) ➡️ Préalable NCSI1139