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Length: 1 year

This program prepares students for offering basic care services to a varied clientele and for supporting nursing and hospital staff. These healthcare professionals work in hospitals, long-term care facilities, rehabilitation centres, medical clinics as well as home healthcare agencies.



  • High school diploma or its equivalent.
  • Submit a clean police record check, including Vulnerable Sector Check, obtained from your local police service.
  • Submit evidence of a medical exam and immunizations before the start of training.
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 *Tuition and fees: $5,902

➡️ What is included in tuition and fees:
All courses and labs in the program, health and dental plan, student association, graduation,PEI Occupational Health and Safety, WHMIS, Food and Safety Sanitation, mental health first aid, first aid training, Basic Life Support (BLS) for healthcare professionals, Gentle Persuasive Approach, non-violent crisis intervention, TLR, active offer, paliative care, Insights Discovery.

Other fees for which the student is responsible
Books and other course resources: $300 to $500 (These costs are approximate.)
International students: $3,250

*Most recent update: October 10, 2019

COURSES LIST - Courses in French only unless indicated otherwise

BIO162 -
Introduction au corps humain (45 heures)

SAN 161
- Introduction à la profession (30 heures)

- Communications professionnelle en soins infirmiers (60 heures)

SAN 164
- Troubles de la santé chez l'adulte et soins infirmiers (60 heures)

- Approche globale de la santé pour le préposé aux soins (45 heures)

- Soins infirmiers à la personne âgée en perte d'autonomie (30 heures)

- Français appliqué (45 heures)

- Principes théoriques liés aux soins de base (45 heures)

- Laboratoire de procédés de soins de base (45 heures)

STG165 - Stage en soins aigus pour préposé aux soins (80 heures)

- Stage en soins de longue durée (312 heures)
STG166 - Stage en soins communautaires, en santé mentale et en soins à domicile (120 heures)

- Préceptorat (120 heures)

Most recent update: August 20, 2020