KINKORA, PE – June 25th, 2014 - Schools that demonstrate a high level of engagement, working together with communities, deserve recognition. That is why Education 20/20 is pleased to award an "Education Engagement Award" to Kinkora Regional High School

Overall, the Education Engagement Award has a dual purpose: 1) to congratulate a school based on actual success in active learning and engagement of students, families, schools, and communities; 2) to be an incentive for further development in each of these essential areas.

Regarding the award process itself, a call for nominations went out to the public, community organizations, early childhood centres, and schools at the beginning of February of this year with a deadline of March 29. Eleven nominations were received and rated based on predetermined criteria that had been communicated to all candidates. In the end, Kinkora Regional High School obtained the highest overall score and so received the Education Engagement Award. The Award itself consists of $2500 dollars from an anonymous donor, allowing the school to continue its great work with Educational Engagement, along with a plaque for display at the school.

The School has been notified, along with other nominees who also demonstrated very effective educational practices: Elm St. School, Morell Learning Center, Wekatesk Aboriginal Head Start Program, Glen Stewart Elementary School, Immanuel Christian School, Merry Pop Ins Childhood Care Centre, Magic Moments Learning Centre, Montague High School and Three Oaks High School. On behalf of Education 20/20, we wish to congratulate everyone on their submissions.

This was the first year for the Education Engagement Award. Education 20/20 intends to make this recognition a yearly event.

Education 20/20 is a new organization based in Charlottetown. Education 20/20 is a national, not-for-profit education organization, chaired by Dr. Don Glendenning and governed by a volunteer Board of Directors composed of citizens from across PEI, representing diverse cultures and experiences in the area of quality education. For Education 20/20, quality education means learner-centered education with real engagement of students, families, schools, cultures, and communities working together. The organizations involved include the Native Council of PEI and Collège de l'Île


Photo: (L-R) Brenda Goodine, Education 20/20 Board of Director Member; Alice Taylor, Secretary/Treasurer of Education 20/20; Eileen Conway-Martin, Awards Chairperson; Jaime Coles, Principal Kinkora Regional High School and Dr. Don Glendenning, President of Education 20/20.

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