Charlottetown, July 24, 2017 — Mauricio Tellez Martinez has always wanted to improve his English by attending a language training program abroad. It’s a dream that he’s had since long before even graduating from high school.

This year, as he was entering his fourth year at university, he learned the exciting news that at last, he would be participating in the Proyecta 10,000 program in the summer of 2017. Along with six other students from Mexico, Mauricio arrived at Collège de l’Île this past July 3 to take part in an intensive four-week immersion program in English.

“I speak English, but I want to expand my vocabulary,” explains Mauricio. “To me this is a necessary part of my studies in mechatronic engineering, because I have to be able to communicate with people from all over the world, and English is often the language that people have in common.”

Video: Mauricio shares how he learned the news about participating in Proyecta 10,000

Collège de l’Île was chosen again this year to take part in the Proyecta 10,000 program, part of an ambitious initiative to provide 10,000 Mexican students the opportunity to study English as a second language in Canada between 2015 and 2018 while also showcasing cooperation between the two countries. Students stay at the Collège for four weeks and complete at least 96 hours of language study. They also take part in a broad range of activities designed to help them learn more about the Island culture and life in Canada.

“This is my first time in Canada and so also my first visit to Prince Edward Island,” says Mauricio. “We’ve already done quite a few activities, like visiting the engineering school at the University of Prince Edward Island and going to see the musical Anne & Gilbert. People here on the Island are so friendly; even if they don’t know you, they wave and say hello when you’re walking down the street.”

The Proyecta 10,000 participants will be on the Island until July 29.

Below, Mauricio and Proyecta 10,000 program coordinator for Collège de l'Île, Kim Stump.

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