FB ad cours automne 2018

Wellington, August 21, 2018 — As of September 2018, Collège de l’Île will be offering a variety of online college courses in different program areas. These courses are offered to the public and the only admission requirement is to have a high school diploma, or its equivalent.

“Our mission is to offer learning and development opportunities which contribute to the success and well-being of individuals and communities,” said Collège de l’Île president, Donald DesRoches. “Choosing to take courses for personal interest, for professional development or within a part-time program is an investment in one’s future.”

14 courses are offered online in fall 2018 in the following program areas: business, early childhood and social services. Courses are held Monday to Friday, at various times during the day and in the evening. The cost ranges from $210 to $420 per course, depending on the number of course hours.

Furthermore, the Collège recently upgraded its videoconferencing system which enables students to study from anywhere, on their preferred device: smartphone, tablet or computer. All that is required is an internet connection.

“The ability to acquire and put new skills into practice is essential in today’s workforce,” added Mr. DesRoches. “Continuous learning is a considerable advantage for employers and employees alike.”

The current list of courses and the registration form are available on the Collège website, under the Part-Time Training menu. www.collegedelile.ca