Wellington, June 26, 2019
- The new Prince Edward Island government’s budget provides Collège de l’Île with a net increase of $5,800 in its operating funding.

The provincial government calculated this 2% increase on only part of the Collège’s funding, the share from the provincial government. In comparison, the consumer price index increased 2.3%, as the Minister of Finance indicated in her budget paper on the economy. This $5,800 is equivalent to the tuition fees paid by one student in the Licensed Practical Nursing program at Collège de l’Île for a single academic year.

Donald DesRoches TG 2016 4

“Collège de l’Île has an excellent working relationship with senior provincial government officials,” noted the institution’s President, Donald DesRoches. “We’re happy to see that the new government has kept a number of senior officials in their positions and seems to want to continue some of the previous administration’s positive initiatives. We share the collaborative spirit that seems to be settling in at Province House and within government itself.”

Mr. DesRoches mentioned that the Department of Education and Lifelong Learning is aware of increased enrolment at the Collège, including a sharp increase in the number of international students. The latter need different services and supports than their Canadian counterparts. In its 2019-2020 budget, government indicated that it wants to increase retention of international at the end of their studies. We know that retention starts with the student’s experience while enrolled in our PEI postsecondary institutions.

The Department of Education and Lifelong Learning is also aware that the Collège is looking for a multiyear funding agreement that would allow it to continue its expansion, to develop new programs, to contribute to population growth in the province and to improve provision of French-language services by professionals trained in French in our province.

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