Wellington, September 17, 2019
— On September 10 - in the middle of post-tropical storm Dorian clean up! – Collège de l’Île welcomed Lady Aude, owner of the agency IAC of Cameroon-Africa, at its Charlottetown campus. Mrs. Lady Aude and her team recruit international students in Cameroon and surrounding countries.

Two of her students have been attending Collège de l’Île since September 2018. Héraldine Porret-Chegueu is enrolled in the Resident Care Worker program and Vanelle Tchokotcheu is enrolled in the Licensed Practical Nursing program.

Lady Aude sept2019 1

Left to right: Héraldine Porret-Chegueu, Lady Aude, Vanelle Tchokotcheu

While briefly on Prince Edward Island, Mrs. Lady Aude toured Collège de l’Île’s Charlottetown campus and met with key stakeholders who work directly with international students. Meeting participants included Rodolfo Ortega, international development consultant for the Collège, Eugénie Parent from the Coopérative d’intégration francophone (CIF), Donald DesRoches, Collège de l’Île president, Dominique Chouinard, director of communications for the Collège, and Anne Poirier, Charlottetown campus coordinator.

“Our goal is to have 50 full-time students enrolled in our college programs by September 2021,” said Mr. DesRoches. “Recruiting international students to train in French in Prince Edward Island is one of our strategies. On a larger scale, our goal is to increase the number of French-speakers on the Island and to contribute to the demographic growth of the province.”

Collège de l’Île currently has around 30 full-time college students in its eight (8) programs, in addition to the part-time students, over 400 French-language training students and customized training clients.

Lady Aude sept2019 2

Left to right: Rodolfo Ortega, Lady Aude, Eugénie Parent, Donald DesRoches. Missing fron photo: Dominique Chouinard and Anne Poirier

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