French Immersion Classes

Before starting your program at the Collège, you have an opportunity to enrol in an intensive course to learn French at Collège de l'Île This additional training is for a maximum of 20 weeks and takes place at the Collège. An assessment before you arrive will be used to determine what level you are at and how long your training will last. The digital portal is accessible via the Internet, so students can begin their language training in their own country and finish up in a immersion session in the months preceding the start of their college program.

Learn French Online

Pour l'amour du français is a second language program that allows learners to acquire the skills needed to communicate in French in the workplace and in everyday situations. This program combines self-directed learning using online modules with tutors available by Skype or by telephone.

French tutoring

French tutoring is scheduled based on clients' needs and availability. Clients receiving tutoring services may choose the subject they wish to talk about during the session. They may also choose to work on grammar.
Sessions are offered Monday to Friday and, on request, may be scheduled for Saturday or Sunday.